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Entry #3

Thanks guys!

2009-01-16 09:18:46 by stoners-lunchbox

I was really wrapped to see Onihime finally airing on Newgrounds, but i was also very much pleased with the feedback i received. I can now fiddle around with my animation style to make my next cartoon a lot better looking. I'd like to take a brief moment to personally thank everyone who had a look at it and posted their advice to me. I now know that i need work on human anatomy, frame-by-frame smoothness improvement and being able to focus animation on more than one character at the same time. Let's see what i can come up with next.


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2009-02-08 09:15:50

Wonderful, are you a True Blue Sonic Fan? :P


2009-08-04 20:35:29

this may be unrelated but your smoking kills cartoon i take back my 0 my grampa died smoking


2010-05-09 01:25:41

u should make Onihimes of other characters like crash, mario, link, stuff like tht. u could get alot of publicity from more ppl and stuff, comment on my page plz to tell me wat u think


2010-11-07 18:04:26

Hello there


2011-07-03 00:26:26

Hey u should make onihimes for different characters like this


2011-09-20 23:57:51

Just a heads up... I'm not 13. :>

Holy shit you're from Melbourne too!