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Gotta finish what i started...

2007-11-26 09:55:16 by stoners-lunchbox i decided to keep going with the Ratbag & Furball series after all. TAFE gave me an eye opener and a slap on the head, which is what i needed to force myself to sit through 4 hours of brainstorming and storyboarding. Thanks to that, Ratbag & Furball 5 might be on its way to the NG portal, due for arrival on December 1st. Fingers crossed.

Gotta finish what i started...


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2007-12-11 12:10:55

"blam this submission" rocked more anyway

stoners-lunchbox responds:



2008-01-11 22:41:44

hi there, i just want to say that i really love the flashanimation that you and your friends maid.
I want to ask what was the song called on the animation call when wild farm animals attack?

stoners-lunchbox responds:

The background song to W.F.A.A. is called "Bambina", performed by Tomoyasu Hotei. He also recorded Russian Roulette and Nocturne No. 9 (Guitar Freaks & Drummania favourites for many of its players) as well as taking part in creating a piece for the soundtrack from the movie "Kill Bill". Yes, i am a big fan of his music. It's fiery, moving, hip, happening and an awesome show of how good he is with the guitar. :P


2008-07-02 06:13:17

You still alive, friend?